Significant learning and development moments

We give you the tools and we accompany you from pregnancy so that you can help your children build solid foundations in their development and healthy habits for life.

It all starts home!

Psychomotricity · Music · Play · Sensory and cognitive experiences

Why are the first years important?

We write happy stories along with thousands of families!

"In my family there is a party every time Toolbox arrives, it is our little box of opportunities to grow and learn.

The Tool-be team has been an accomplice and guide in the process of development of Vicente, with love, patience, and following our unique rhythm."

Nathalie & Lucho - Vicente´s parents

"Every time we open a Toolbox we feel lucky to have found such a loving and professional company. Each element is careful, precious, and impeccable.

My son concentrates, has fun, explores and I feel accompanied, less lonely. It is evident that every little thing was made with love and care."

Manuela - Theo´s mom

"My daughter loves the Tool-be System, they have helped us with her development and the results have been wonderful, the advances that she has had are enormous.

We love the methodology, the available tools, and having music as the primary development tool."

Diana - Paulina´s mom

"We began to notice that there was a difference in her development, thanks to the dedication that we put as parents, based on what Tool-be had taught us through
Toolbox. We are convinced that what Tool-be generated in our daughter was very useful for her development. 

We are Tool-be lovers. We recommend it to everyone because we love the work they do and the impact they are making on children."

Ana - Emilia´s mom